COVID-19 Update: March 13 2020

COVID-19 Update: March 13 2020

and the
Annapolis Royal Winter Farmers Market

March 13, 2020

Without a doubt, the biggest story in the world at the moment is the COVID-19 pandemic. This has and will continue to affect events locally and around the world. The health and safety of our market patrons, vendors and Historic Gardens staff is of the utmost importance. We have been told that there is no need to close the market at this time but, the situation changes quickly. This is in keeping with recommendations made by the Province of Nova Scotia and the Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia association. Because of this, the Market will be open but, we have taken measures to limit the risks of transmission or infection.

Gardens staff are initiating a much higher level of disinfecting in public areas, with frequent wipes of high touch surfaces such as faucets, light switches, doorknobs etc. We have designated the office washroom as a public washroom and a handwashing station if customers feel the need for a mid market hand wash. Vendors have been made aware of recommended practices designed to keep our patrons safe. We encourage our patrons to ask your favourite vendors about the possibility of pre-ordering and pre-packaging your weekly food requirements.

We are asking that people observe the same protocols which are generally in place in the wider community. If you have travelled outside the country in the last 14 days, please stay home. If you have a fever, cough, sneezing or are feeling unwell, please stay home.

We appreciate that the Winter Market is a part of the social life of our community but, we ask our patrons not to treat the interior of the Market as a social gathering spot at this time. Instead, we encourage people to gather outdoors near the courtyard firepit.

The health and safety of patrons, vendors and staff is a primary concern. We look forward to getting back to business as usual but, for the time being, safety precautions are necessary. Extra precautions will be put in place as needed and we will advise of any changes in our operational plans in the days and weeks ahead.



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